VC610 2.2KW CNC vector servo motor CNC frequency converter

2016-12-12 15:09:33

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Main parameter of VC610 2.2kw cnc vector servo motor CNC frequency converter:

  1. Item: VC610-4T0022G

  2. Control style: Vector

  3. Matched motor power: 2.2kw

  4. Input frequency and voltage: 380~440V,50/60Hz

  5. Output frequency: 0.00~650.00Hz

  6. Output voltage:0~input voltage

  7. Rated output current: 5.5A

  8. Guarantee: 3 years

General specification for servo motor CNC frequency converter




Rated frequency and voltage

Three-phase: 380~440V, 50/60Hz;

three-phase/single-phase: 220~240V, 50/60Hz

Operating range of voltage and frequency

Voltage: 20%; frequency: 5%



0~input voltage



Over-load capacity

1min at 150% of the rated current and 1s at 200% of the rated current

Main control properties

Control mode

Vector control

Range of speed regulation


Torque characteristics

High torque output, starting torque can reach 150% at 1Hz.

Frequency accuracy

Digital setting: 0.01%; analog setting: 0.2%

Frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz; analog setting: 0.1% of the max. frequency

Start modes

3 modes: start from start frequency, start after brake and start after rotating speed tracking


deceleration modes

3 modes: straight line mode, settable S-curve mode (independently adjustable proportions of start and end sections of S-curve) and automatic acceleration and deceleration mode

Stop modes

3 modes: decelerated stop, decelerated stop+DC braking and free stop

DC braking

Start frequency of braking: 0~60.00Hz, or determined by external input terminals.

Braking time: 0.0~60.0s, or determined by external input terminals.

Braking current: 0.0~100.0% of the rated current of CNC frequency converters


Range of jog frequency: 0.00~upper limiting frequency; jog acceleration/deceleration time: 0.0~6553.5s; jog interval can be set.

Automatic voltage regulation

When input power grid voltage fluctuates, stability of output voltage can be kept automatically.

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All package is standard carton packing.Big order with wooden packing.Every CNC frequency converter /inverter will be debugged for 3 days in our test room.Only passed the test VFD /inverter can be sent to our clients.We provide timely service after market with 18 months (over 100pcs,we can provide 36 months warranty).