VC690 11.0KW servo motor CNC spindle frequency inverter

2017-01-05 15:29:55

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VC690 series CNC spindle servo frequency inverter main parameter:

  1. Item: VC690-4T0110G

  2. Control style: vector ,close loop

  3. Matched motor power: 11.0kw

  4. Input frequency and voltage:380~440V,50/60Hz

  5. Output frequency: 0.00~650.00Hz

  6. Output voltage:0~input voltage

  7. Rated output current: 25A

  8. Guarantee: 3 years

  9. Spindle positioning servo function

  10. Position interpolation function

  11. Rigid tapping and thread cutting function

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General technical specifications for VC690 CNC spindle servo frequency inverter




Rated frequency and voltage

Three-phase: 380~440V, 50/60Hz;

three-phase/single-phase: 220~240V, 50/60Hz

Operating range of voltage and frequency

Voltage: 20%; frequency: 5%



0~input voltage



Over-load capacity

1min at 150% of the rated current and 1s at 200% of the rated current

Main control properties

Control mode

Vector control

Range of speed regulation


Torque characteristics

High torque output, starting torque can reach 150% at 1Hz.

Frequency accuracy

Digital setting: 0.01%; analog setting: 0.2%

Frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz; analog setting: 0.1% of the max. frequency

Start modes

3 modes: start from start frequency, start after brake and start after rotating speed tracking


deceleration modes

3 modes: straight line mode, settable S-curve mode (independently adjustable proportions of start and end sections of S-curve) and automatic acceleration and deceleration mode

Stop modes

3 modes: decelerated stop, decelerated stop+DC braking and free stop

DC braking

Start frequency of braking: 0~60.00Hz, or determined by external input terminals.

Braking time: 0.0~60.0s, or determined by external input terminals.

Braking current: 0.0~100.0% of the rated current of frequency inverter

Dynamic  brake

Adjustable max.braking torque.


Range of jog frequency: 0.00~upper limiting frequency; jog acceleration/deceleration time: 0.0~6553.5s; jog interval can be set.

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INVOEE,China top one brand of CNC frequency inverter.We focus on CNC lathe spindle VFD inverter research and prouction with rich experience,high precision,easy operation and maintenance.

VC610,VC660,VC680,VC690 gradually upgraded function are as follows:

VC610 VFD function:

1.stable rotating speed. 2.Stepless speed control. 3.Low speed large torque.4.Quick start and stop.

VC660 VFD has the sames function with VC610,at the same time,it adds Communication port, S curve, external keyboard.

VC680 VFD adds spindle positioning servo function.

VC690 VFD adds:

1.Spindle positioning servo function,

2.Rigid tapping and thread cutting ,

3. Position interpolation.

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