Why choose iNVOEE?

2017-04-05 9:10:46

Why choose us as frequency converter supplier?

1. Professional R & D team, constant product improvement and quality stability.

2. We focus on our time to research and develop CNC spindle frequency converter quality,more prfessional and richer experience about CNC spindle VFD

3. Our frequency converter function is better than the general function, and this is the conclusion of our customer after they used our inverter, our products and service are admired by our old clients.

4. After-sales service is guaranteed,18 months, if you are our agent of machine tool factory ,you can obtain 36months guarantee time. 

5. Full functions:

  •  Stable rotating speed.
     Stepless speed control.
     Low speed large torque.
     Quick start and stop .

  •  Spindle precise positioning servo.
     Rigid tapping and thread cutting.
     Position interpolation.

6.Easy operation and maintenance.