Three jog modes of INVOEE VFD

2017-04-19 13:37:29


F00.00 Jog frequency 0.00~max. frequency [F00.00] [5.00Hz]

F00.01 Jog acceleration time 0.0~6553.5s [20.0s]

F00.02 Jog deceleration time 0.0~6553.5s [20.0s]

F00.03 Jog interval 0.0~100.0s [0.0s]

Jog is given the highest priority. Three jog modes are shown in Fig. 19.

Jog start/stop mode is fixed as start from start frequency and decelerated stop.

Jog interval [F00.15] defines the interval that has to be awaited from the moment of canceling the jog command to the moment when the next jog command becomes valid, and within the interval the frequency converters do not run even when the jog command exists. 


1) During jog control on panel, the directions of jog are determined by the current direction command.

2) During jog in the case of stop, the frequency converters will ignore main start command, and the pulse start command from main run command channel will be lost; at the end of jog, if the start command still exists, normal start and run can be performed.