iNVOEE, China CNC spindle VFD drive top one brand

James 2017-08-08 13:45:00

     iNVOEE, China CNC spindle VFD drive top one brand. Focus is our advantage, We only focus on CNC spindle VFD inverter. We accumulate rich experience on CNC VFD.iNVOEE VFD advantage:

1. Twenty years experience in R & D and manufacturing experience for CNC spindle VFD.

2. Fast and accurate positioning,arbitrary indexing,C-axis interpolation,rigid tapping.

3. High reliability and smooth operation,low speed large torque, super fast start and stop

4. Easy and simple debug and maintenance,18 months warranty(above 100pcs 36 months warranty).

5. If you feel your machine doesnt enough strength, acceleration / deceleration is not fast enough, the spindle needs to be positioned, the spindle drive is not reliable ..., please contact iNVOEE immediately.