INVOEE VC690 pulse high precision vector CNC VFD advantage

2017-10-10 9:47:01

VC690 wiring.jpg

 Our iNVOEE VC690 pulse control CNC spindle VFD.

1.stable rotating speed. 

2.Stepless speed control. 

3.Low speed large torque.

4.Quick start and stop.

5.Spindle positioning servo function,

6.Rigid tapping and thread cutting ,

7. Position interpolation.

Setting of spindle positioning enable signal:

0: Level signal

1: Pulse signal

At level mode(F02.40=0),only input terminals keep continuous valid,VFD can have continuous positioning signal.Once input terminals are invalid,VFD will exit the positioning process at once,and return normal running status.

At pulse mode(F02.40=1),as long as input terminals send out valid pulse,VFD will enter into the positioning process at once,and input terminals dont need continuously keep valid.After input terminals send valid pulse again,VFD will exit the positioning process at once,and return normal running status.

Setting and operation of spindle fixed position

8 positioning indexing locking positions can be preset for VC680/690 spindle servo VFD.The 8 positions are set by F02.28~F02.35.When F02.00(control mode) is set as 2( encoder vector control),and stop status after the initial positioning,positioning indexing position monitored value(Showed PoStn) is the current spindle indexing value.Pull the spindle by hand,record the needed position and set related F02.028~F02.35 parameters.You also can press MFK key,then you can pull the spindle to needed position by hand.Press the MFK key again,the current position value will be saved automatically to selected positioning indexing parameter.

At most 3 multifunction input terminals can be set as position selection terminals(set by F03 group parameters), 3 input terminals at most have 8 status. Binary code 000 is matched indexing position 0. 111 is matched indexing position 7.Please see spindle Positioning indexing position parameter corresponding table to know detail.

If only 1 piece position selection wire,the wire matched X terminal can be set as 27 function(carry position selection).Above this signal rising edge,current given indexing position can be selected in turn from 8 position parameters.